the name game

aside from deciding if we’re gonna have the lil guy’s weenie skin snipped, the other big question is what we’re gonna name this kid. i’m clearly not one to keep such things (or anything else in my life) a secret, so here’s the deal…

i have an idea! let me name the lil jerk!

we have 3 names in the running. we can’t make a decision to save our lives, but everyone else has a strong freakin’ opinion. believe it or not, puddn’s basically gonna let me name the baby whatever i want…which is bizarre cuz as we all know, he’s such a stubborn a-hole about most things. he just had 2 suggestions: gunnar (yes, after uncle dipsh*t) or clayson clancey. um, no and hells f*cking no. but i’m going a lil nuts trying to figure out which name i like the best.

in no particular order, here are the top choices so far:

robert joseph clancey, IV
yep, you heard me. that’s the 4th, y’all. so obviously puddn is the 3rd (aka III). in real life, he goes by “bo,” (nope, not puddn) which was also his grandpa’s name. pretty cute, huh?

i love the name bo, but it would just get too confusing with 2 of ‘em. i have a friend whose dad and brother are both named “dick.” so when peeps called the house when they were growing up, his sweet, innocent mom would be like “ya want big dick or the lil dick?” awesome.

personally, i love the idea of tradition and family names. i mean, what’s the point of being a III if you’re not gonna have a IV? the whole thing just starts getting cool with those. but then the question is what in balls do we call him?

i don’t mind “RJ” and i even like “ray j” (yes, like brandi’s brother. how cute would lil ray j be? omg, love it). but my friend melanie thought of another: ridge. ridge clancey. pretty cool, right? but it sounds kinda like a frat dude—or a soap opera character. remember that guy on “the bold and the beautiful?”

um, mom, you're gonna name my lil bro after this chooch? at least he's got great '80s hair.

the only downside is my fam doesn’t get to represent. stinky’s real name is marielle lee clancey, named for both her grannies. so i’d love to squeeze our fam in the bambino’s name, too, ya know?

wilson manuel clancey
okay, so is it weird to give your baby the same name as a guy you made out with once? as puddn says, “janz, if we rule out every guy’s name you’ve made out with, there won’t be any names left.” i gotta admit, he’s kinda right…oops.

i actually emailed my friend wilson today…yes, the maker-outer (we’re still buds), telling him not to get his tighty whiteys in a bunch, but i might name the baby wilson. but no, not after him—cuz yah, that would be weird. he emailed me back saying that for the kid’s sake, he hopes tom hanks and that dumb volleyball in “castaway” are a distant memory when he gets older. sh*t, good point.

anyway, wilson’s a family name…it was puddn’s grandfather’s mother’s maiden name (capeesh?) and his granddad’s middle name. and then the baby’s middle name would be manuel, which is my dad’s name. i kinda don’t wanna leave him out, so that’s my big dilemma. oooooy. what do i dooooo?

and last but not least:

linden manuel clancey
the good news is i’ve never hooked up with a linden (well, at least not yet). so suck it, puddn. it was pudsie’s great grandmother’s maiden name, and all 3 of his dad’s sister’s have linden as their middle name.

personally, i think it’s adorable. my only hesitation is having a lulu and a linden. i’m not sure i love the alliteration, but then again, i don’t hate it, and could probably be talked into it.

but what about nicknames? wilsy? lindy? ugh, i dunno. i guess i never knew i’d call lulu “stinky” or “marinky.” i’m sure somehow we’ll come up with the perfect name for the lil sh*t.

bottom line: i think we have 3 pretty great choices. but jeez, i can’t please everybody. when we were trying to think of girl names before stinks was born, my mom and puddn’s grandmother, muzzie, both hated the name “lulu.” but now they both admit it’s adorable and fits lil stinky perfectly. well, duh.

lemme know what you think! and if you don’t like any of these names, tough titties!

girls rule! this baby boy is gonna ruin everything!
omg, am i not gonna be the center of attention anymore?
okay, seriously, i'll think of the perfect name...don't you trust me?
lemme just go to my pooping...i mean thinking spot!
uuuum...what about the name "caillou?"
lambie, you're no f*cking help! gimme some ideas!
RJ!?! you realize that's just 2 letters and not a name. really, mom?
and ray j?!? he's like the worst rapper on earth! jesus, what are you thinking?
mom, i think you've freaking lost your mind!
i don't like him, but i'm actually starting to feel sorry for this lil sh*t.
wait a second...lindy!?! are you really having a girl?!? yippeeeeeeee!!!
enough of these dumb kid books...let's read one about baby names!
jeez, ma, there are some sweet names in here...king, elmo, million, gable...
omg, how about moxie crimefighter, pilot inspektor, camera or denim? oh wait, some poor kids already have those names. what's wrong with celebrities?
hmmm...i wonder if my name's in this book.
let's just open the book and pick a random name. "pip!" my job here is done and done!

check out my 27-week pregnancy video where i yap about naming the baby on YOUTUBE!!! and my new vlog series!

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10 Responses to the name game

  1. Of course you should name him Wilson!

  2. Samantha says:

    Naming is not easy, that’s for sure.

    My dad and my bro are both named Frank. It was hella confusing when we were growing up, especially once my bro was a teenager and we couldn’t tell anymore who people were calling for… but not as funny as the big/little Dick thing. That said, it’s pretty cool to have a FOURTH generation name. Maybe you can call him Quattro ;)

    Can Lulu say Robert? Maybe she can come up with a cute nickname with her toddler talk?

    Or you can go the way of Twilight/RPattz and call him RClanc ;)

  3. KCT says:

    I HATE Ray J! =)

    do either the Robert the 4th or Linden…. he was a president after all! =)

  4. AG says:


  5. Jennifer says:

    LOVE linden manuel! so unique! and i’m sure you will find a nickname once he is born!

  6. Kelli says:

    I love Ridge and Linden!!

  7. Al says:

    I love the idea of a fourth generation name, and am definitely more partial to Ridge as a bold & beautiful fan hah
    But all the choices are good, maybe you just have to wait until you see him to see what he looks like name wise
    Good luck!

  8. Hailey says:

    I up vote Linden Manuel as well!
    I’m sure you’ll come up with a fitting nickname once he is born. ;)

  9. Susan says:

    Hey Janet,
    Have missed reading your posts! Playing catch-up since being away for 5 glorious weeks…sigh.
    First off, you are looking amazing. If you want to see whale, I can send you a pic of me pregnant with Izzy (my first) where I went from 107 to 176 (that was 2 weeks before I delivered). My husband called me Shamu. No, I ‘m not kidding.
    Second, I lol’d at this post because my hub’s family in Italy totally calls him RIDGE! How f’ing hilarious is that? I really like the first one. All about a sweet nickname and I like how Lulu and RJ sound together. Mind you, all of them are great…boys names are tough!
    And lastly, this placenta previa…oy. Scary. I hope you are resting and that all goes amazingly well for you and your beautiful family. I may or may not have cried at your “missing Lu” pics. Are we the same person? I think we might be.

  10. Jessica says:

    I love Ridge and Linden!

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