just one of the gals

this week, puddn got a glimpse of what his future
will be when stinky’s a teenager: his toenails were painted hot pink, he got a
lesson in braiding hair, learned all about tween fashion, and was totally
ridiculed for being an idiot. i’m pretty sure he loved every friggin’ minute of
we cruised down to newport beach to hang out with
puddn’s cousin, brett, and his fam at their fab resort. stinks was in hog
heaven cuz she thinks alyssa, 11, and elle, 8, are sooo cool…and obviously,
so does puds.
it’s true, those gals are pretty awesome—2 adorable
girlie girls with just the right amount of hilarious attitude. put it this way,
their favorite movie is “talladega nights.” alyssa calls her parents “brett”
and “cynthia,” and tells her dad to “drink some water” when he bombs a joke
after a coupla brewskis. and elle throws out these one-liners that can crush
you. but they’re funny as sh*t, as long as they’re not directed at me.
so alyssa and elle babysat lu the whole time: they
played with her, changed her diaper, chose her outfits (they loved her daisy dukes), tried to teach her to
say “O.M.G!” gave her a bath, fed her and entertained her for hours—all for
free!—while mama knocked back some vino.
the girls also ganged up mercilessly on puddn, that
is, when they weren’t making fun of their own dad. they ragged on pudsie’s bald
spot, his chest (and back) hair, his gross feet and even his height (he’s 6’
3”). man, the poor guy couldn’t catch a break. even i started to feel a lil bit
sorry for him. oh wait, no i didn’t.
then somehow they talked puds into letting them paint
his nails, and elle was this close
to putting makeup on him, “just some blush and mascara,” ‘til he put his pedicured
foot down. what a buzzkill. but he made up for it by brushing out alyssa’s
if stinks grows up to have half the looks, the smarts
or the ‘tudes of these gals, we’re in some deep sh*t. but in the meantime,
puddn’s toes are still “rich & famous” pink. 

who’s the dork?
monkey in the middle
they carried stinks…
changed her…
changed her again…
fed her…
and pushed her…
while i sat back and checked out the scenery.

puddn checked out his own scenery…a gal in a thong.

puddn brushing alyssa’s hair…so cute!

no, jeggings are NOT workout pants…they’re jean leggings. DUH.

the pedicure in action. i still can’t believe they got so close to those feet!
poor puddn.

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One Response to just one of the gals

  1. Mrs. T says:

    Hahah… that is hilarious! What sweet girls to help with the baby… I bet they LOVED it! I remember painting my dads nails when I was really young, too. Only difference: he wasn't conscious. We thought it was ridiculously funny to have him wake up with makeup/nail polish on his body. Good times.

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