sleeping with the enemy

every night i break the #1 huge cardinal no-no rule
for parents: i let lulu sleep in the bed with me. but i love it and she loves
it, so what’s the prob here? oh yah, puddn…he’s about to divorce me over

the prob is she can’t (or won’t) fall asleep unless
my face is nuzzling hers—or her hand is touching my face. it’s super-sweet, but it does suck sometimes when it takes her 2 ½ hours to fall alseep—and
her pudgy, little hand needs to be stroking my face the whole time. i admit i waste a lot of
time most nights. but whatever.

when she finally does fall asleep, we hold our breath and sloooooowly
transfer her into her co-sleeper (a crib-like pen next to our bed), hoping and praying she doesn’t wake up. but this lil thing is
way too smart for that. she wakes up bawling, and it’s a vicious face-touching
cycle all over again.

everyone i know says to let her cry it out ‘til she
falls asleep on her own. but i just can’t do it. i know, i’m a sucker, but i can’t help it.

to me it makes the most sense to ditch our bed frame
and box spring, and just sleep with our mattress on the floor. then there’d be
no transferring…and i wouldn’t worry about lu being in the bed alone. i tried
suggesting it, but that’s when puddn put his foot down. 

he wants her out. now.

he’s pissed cuz he says he can’t sleep well when
she’s in the bed…but you know what? that chainshaw-like snoring tells me a whole other story.

my in-laws are pissed cuz they bought lu the most
gorgeous, hotsy-totsy crib on the market, and lu’s never slept in it once. i do
feel badly about that, but it sure is pretty!

you know who’s not pissed? lu. or me. i love having
her in our bed and waking up snuggling. it might not be the greatest end to the
day, but it’s the best start in the world. 

i figure i better enjoy it now cuz she’s not gonna be 13 years old and still
wanting to sleep in my bed. but if she is, i’m pretty sure i’ll be cool with
that.  :)

the face only a baby could love
get out, dad! i’m trying to sleep!
she won’t even nap in her co-sleeper.
pick me up!
  come on…
what if i make this face?

 in happier times

how cute is this?

it’s fun to play in my crib!
okay, i’ve had enough.
’nuff said.
just look at this happy baby!
buon giorno, stinky!
let’s snuggle, mama!
sorry, puds! i can’t say no to this face!

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4 Responses to sleeping with the enemy

  1. Kyle n Lisa says:

    too cute!

  2. sara says:

    haha! Bo's gonna hate me for this but ENJOY! This window of opportunity is so, so, brief. It's a blink in the scheme of things and then you will be wishing you had it back. Bo, before you know it you will not even remember this being an issue.
    p.s. my youngest, Avery, still sleeps in my bed with me a couple nights a week. Not because she demands it but because mama wants to cuddle! I still love falling asleep to the sound of her sucking her fingers… :)

  3. Danielle says:

    Our bedframe and box springs have been in the basement for over 3 years now. I figure when it is time to set it back up in 3 or 4 years (my youngest is 6 months) I will have more than earned a brand new bed of my choice. Your daughter sounds exactly like my oldest who never slept a single minute in the crib. Could be sound asleep and the second she hit that crib mattress it was all over!! The only place she would sleep was our bed with me. She moved to her own bed when she turned 3 but I still have to lay down with her and she is almost 4. I highly recommend reading Dr Sears info on high need baby…Good luck convincing your husband to allow her to stay:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    You and your husband are hilarious!! And I say Congrats- you are completely going by your mommy gut – new studies have come out saying that cio not only breaks the parent-child bond, but it actually lowers their IQ's!

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