head games

i was totally cool with puddn jetting to vegas for
his stupid bachelor weekend of booze and lap dances. but today, i wanted to
punch him in his moustached face…cuz having a baby sucked this weekend…
lulu and i were gonna have a blast without da-da. we hit a beach party in malibu yesterday (no, i didn’t
wear the bikini), and lu frolicked in the ocean for the first time.
but on the drive back, i got a nagging headache that grew into a full-on,
raging migraine by the time i pulled in the driveway.
it was the real deal: black spots, pounding head and
incredible nausea. and i had to take care of this stinkin’ baby. i dunno how i
did it, but somehow i gave her a bath, fed her and changed her…in searing,
blinding pain and in complete silence. i can count the number of migraines i’ve
had in my life on one hand…so why did it happen when i was all alone with the
damn baby? typical. 
anyway, i put us both to bed at
7:30—‘cept lu decided it was time to turn into a complete *sshole. she cried,
screamed, whined, then stood up and squealed and laughed maniacally…basically everything
except go to sleep.
i couldn’t help but think about those insane parents who
violently shake their kids…cuz for some reason, they didn’t seem quite so
finally she shut the hell up and we fell asleep. and
then puddn called, drunk as a skunk, and woke us up. and the whole crying, screaming, whining
routine started all over again. gee, thanks, puddn.
all day today i still felt like a dungheap. but i’ve
never been so happy (or so pissed) to see his stupid face walk through the
door. tomorrow he better shave off that ridiculous moustache.
lu ties one on 
lu and karis: beach bums
how’s my tan?
the water was freezing!
she hated it!
get me outta here
back on dry land 
happy 1st birthday, karis!  i love you!
24 hours earlier…
poor puddn!

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