vegas, baby!

this afternoon i received this urgent text from my
husband: “babes, i forgot my condoms, can you fedex them to me???” the idiot is
in vegas for his bachelor party with 25 of his closest buddies. i might
actually be worried if he didn’t look like a complete and total jackass (see
photos below)…
i think i’ve made it pretty clear in previous posts
what kinda guy puddn is. even though we’re already married, he wasn’t about to
miss what he’s already calling “the greatest weekend of all time.”
i guess every guy deserves this stupid rite of
passage. since we basically eloped, his dipsh*t brothers couldn’t plan a
“proper” bachelor party. so this weekend they’re making up for lost time…and
then some. i can only imagine (though i’d rather not) what those dirty dogs have
i only have basic info about the festivities,
which is fine by me. they’re staying at the hard rock, going to “nudie bars,”
hanging at a pool cabana tomorrow, hitting a steak joint, then enjoying
live, girl-on-girl, in-room entertainment back at the hotel. ugh. and i thought
people went to vegas to gamble.
oh, i forgot to mention that all 26 guys grew
moustaches for the occasion. dorks.
puddn’s twin brother gunnar sent the guys an email
yesterday saying, “on sunday, bo will fly home a broken man, both physically
and morally.” oh yay, how awesome.
until then, i’ll keep sending him pictures of his
sweet baby lulu with notes that say, “i love you, daddy!” i just hope he’s not getting a lap dance when he opens them. 

this guy is hot.
oh wait, no he’s not.
what a chode.
magnum p.i.g.
he’s so money.
i swear he’s pretty cute without that stache.
yay! daddy’s gone for the weekend!
i wonder if my daddy’s getting a lap dance.
mama, let’s hire a male stripper!

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